About GetPsyched

Welcome to GetPsyched! GetPsyched was created in the summer of 2017 with the objective to spread information and open up the conversation about mental health and psychological principles in ways that anyone could understand. Since then, we have been on a mission to continue to provide maximum value to all who interact with us. We want people to gain benefit from all we have to offer in the field of mental health and psychology. GetPsyched launched as a YouTube channel initially and since then has developed to an audio podcast, an expansive website with blog content, online courses, membership platform and other downloadable content, as well as a developing social media presence. The mission of GetPsyched has been, and will always be, to support those that are seeking help via resources and online content that look at mental health, self-esteem, confidence and personal development, as well as supporting psychological and therapeutic professionals and students with career and academic development.

I hope that you find GetPsyched to be a mental health and psychology platform that is relatable, highly valuable and easy to understand. If we have brought value to your wellbeing in anyway, then we have done our job. Enjoy exploring everything GetPsyched has to offer.

Fraser Smith (CEO of GetPsyched)

Fraser Smith speaking at TEDxGlasgow