GetPsyched December 2019 Newsletter – Issue #2 (plus 2019 review)

Welcome everyone to our December GetPsyched Newsletter!!! This is our opportunity to give you all the information about what has been happening with GetPsyched over the past month and what is to come in the future.

In truth, even though it’s only our second issue of the GetPsyched newsletter, this issue is a special one as it gives us a chance to not only take a look at what has been over the past month but also for the whole of 2019.

2019 was another amazing year for GetPsyched. We broke the 4,000 subscriber mark on YouTube as well as 75,000 views of our videos. For us, the numbers don’t really matter, but what the numbers do show is that GetPsyched is reaching more people and bringing more mental health and psychological value…which can only be a good thing.

We also achieved a goal that we had been planning for a large part of 2019, launching our first ever e-course.

This was huge for us as it gave us a greater opportunity to engage with people and add value. You can still check out our free self-esteem e-course here.

GetPsyched also was really fortunate to be acknowledged as a finalised in the UK Blog Awards 2019 in the vlogger category. Something we never expected but something we are incredibly proud of.

It feels like 2019 was the year of seeing the snowball pick up a bit of steam down the snowy hill. We have engaged with so many people over the past year and more and more people are becoming aware of GetPsyched.

We also had the first annual Men’s Mental Health 1,000,000kg Charity Lift in conjunction with Future Fitness Glassgow and Brothers In Arms. It was such a massive event, we raised over £1,000 for the charity, had some amazing conversations with people about the importance of understanding and working with men’s mental health and also lifted over 2.5 million kg. All in all, it was a really special day!

Fraser has also had numerous opportunities with speaking events throughout the year where he has had the opportunity to speak at conferences organised by the British Psychological Society. These conferences have been largely to do with inspiring psychology students and their careers in the future. He also has spoken at a number of organisations on men’s mental health.

The biggest of all of these events though has to be at TEDx Glasgow 2019 where he spoke about the male identity crisis. Check out the talk here.

This really was a watershed moment for Fraser and GetPsyched as it gave us an opportunity to be on a massive established platform and reach a wider audience. TEDx Glasgow has to be one of the highlights of 2019!


There has been plenty to celebrate in December, we have seen continual growth in our YouTube and blog following, which is always great to see. GetPsyched is all about communicating mental health and psychological content to the masses….so the more, the better.

December also so the developing opportunity for some great speaking events for Fraser in 2020 and some really exciting collaboration opportunities as well, especially within the therapeutic and fitness industry. Make sure to stay tuned!

We have been running a special feature on the GetPsyched Instagram this month also on the lead up to Christmas, the Getpsyched Mental health Advent Calendar. We have been wanting to feature something like this for Christmas for a couple of years now, but never really managed to develop it in in time. Its been great seeing some of the engagement and hearing stories of people that have connected with it. Check out a snippet of each of the days below.


I suppose with the end of the year and Christmas time comes more challenges for getting extra work done. I always make an effort to start my days early and get the jobs I need doing done before the day really starts. That’s a little harder around Christmas though, but I’ll manage.

My counselling psychology doctorate is nearing its final stage and the pressure is really on. I have spent a large part of the past two years focussing a lot of attention on GetPsyched and my doctorate and I just need to ensure I keep the balance. At times, that might mean not having a Getpsyched video that week, but I’ll just have to deal with that for the time being at points.


The nEw Year always brings new opportunities for reflection and considerations for the year ahead. GetPsyhed is driven to keep bringing you valuable content in psychology and mental health.

We have some really exciting developments coming with some collaborative organisations that will be bringing more online content, e-course and perhaps even a mentorship programme for psychology students. Its all really exciting but we are taking it one step at a time as always.

In 2020, we want to be engaging more with the GetPsyched audience. If you have a desire to see us talk on a certain topic in psychology or mental health, then get in touch. Likewise, if you think you would like to actively contribute to what we do here at GetPsyched, whether that be writing a blog post or actually adding value t the operation of GetPsyched, then get in touch.


The other week we did a video on Imposter Syndrome. I really liked doing this video as its a topic that I actively deal with every day. It also got a lot of attention for us on social media with lots of people reaching out and saying how much the resonated with the topic.

Check it out and let us know what you think!


My favourite blog post from Getpsyched this month has to be this one from Lynn Hammadallah on her experiences of the BPS inspiring careers event in London where I gave a keynote speech.

The event was so awesome and to have people then write an article for us on their experiences is even better. Thanks so much Lynn!


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