Good Routines That Make You A Happier And A More Successful Person

The world has changed and continues to change. Some things remain the same, such as key habits for success and happiness. To reach these things you have to achieve certain steps and have goals that will help you upgrade your daily habits. Only continuity and good routines can make you a happier and more successful person.

To have a proper routine and to have benefited from it you should understand why it’s important to create a routine in the first place. 

So, creating and maintaining a positive daily routine is a self-investment and a way to your best for the rest of the world, because you will manage to inspire people around you to have better routines and to be happier.

Build Your Daily Routine

If you want to achieve a high productivity level and improve every aspect of your life you should think about having a proper daily routine. If you don’t have one built already, you should start building it now. 

Think about things that you should do daily and how you can upgrade them, so you can have more free time for yourself. By following your routine you will be able to achieve your goals on a daily level. And being successful means that you know how to follow through and measure the small success. 

However, it’s not always easy to create good habits. Therefore, knowing exactly what to do exactly might help. Check these steps on good routines that can make you a happier and more successful person. 

Get Enough Sleep

This should be a no-brainer, but let us repeat once again: – an exhausted person isn’t a happy person. Nothing will kill your day and energy as a major grumpiness. 

If you are not getting enough sleep at night, you won’t be able to start your day fresh and full of energy. More likely, you will start your day being irritated and drained. 

A good night’s sleep works as a magical pill for your physical health and it’s the key to your overall well-being and happiness. So, the first step to creating a successful morning routine is to have enough sleep the night before. 

Learn When To Drink Coffee

If you are a coffee-lover the chances are that you love to start your morning with a cup of good, fresh-brewed coffee. And there is nothing wrong with loving this dark drink. However, there is much more when it comes to coffee than drinking it fast before you rush to work. 

Did you know that the best time to drink coffee is not as soon as you wake up? Why? When you wake up your body produces cortisol responsible for levelling stress hormone, so when you mix it with the coffee you are creating space for extra stress. 

That being said, always wait for a minimum one-hour once you wake up to have your first sip of coffee. This way you will prepare your body much better for daily success. 

Wake Up Grateful

People often spend too much of their time focusing on the negative and what they are lacking, that good thing is simply ignored. If you see yourself in this scenario, then you should change it and start the day with a mantra, or simply saying thank you. 

Gratitude is a powerful tool: it’s both a feeling and an action. You can start by saying – Great day to be awake or Today is going to be the best day ever, and you can work on from there. 

You will find your magical sentence with time. The most important thing here is to put your mind in the right state and come to the level of positive thinking. 

Ben Franklin used to ask himself every morning – ”What good shall I do today?” If it worked for him, it will work for you as well. 


You should exercise before you dive into a long day of work. Try a brisk walk, trip to a gym, a run around the block, or simply do some basic stretches or meditate. You can’t go wrong with any option, just explore to see what suits you the best. 

You don’t have to rise with the sun to do your workout to make it effective. But, you must do it. If you can’t spare one-hour or more for workout start by having 10 minutes in the morning for easy exercise that will inspire you to become (and stay) a morning exerciser. 

Morning exercise will get your blood pumping and boost your energy for the rest of the day. Also, exercise releases feel-good chemicals such as dopamine and serotonin. Also, working out improves how we feel about our bodies and gives us a sense of well-being. 

Make Your Bed

This may sound silly, but you win the world step by step. And you get to build your routine and get where you want to be by doing one thing every morning – making your bed. 

Making your bed will teach you discipline, time-management, and respect for your work. Also, people who make their bad tend to be more adventurous, sociable, and confident. Start the day off on the right foot. 

Making your bed will teach you that little thing in life matters. Also, some claim that making the bed in the morning gives you a feeling of accomplishment first thing in the morning. 

All in, the proper routine will give you several different benefits including increased productivity, reduces stress levels, and gives you control over your day. That is important to remember: you control the day, the day doesn’t control you. 

One more thing that you should think about is that you should always have a sense of purpose, in your every action. The sense of purpose will give you goals and results, meaning that you won’t wander through life. Therefore, set priorities for yourself and strive to meet milestones. 

Happy people always make sure that they begin their day by setting goals and working toward achieving them. Spare a few minutes every morning to determine what you want to do that day and focus only on what matters. After all, the secret to lasting happiness is finding ways to enjoy your days. 

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