What Natural Remedies Might Help With Anxiety? by Henna Lawrence

Anxiety is a healthy emotion, and we all feel anxious before a test or an interview or making an important decision, it comes along uninvited.

The moment it takes the shape of a disorder, it takes a different course, the distress and the overwhelming feelings of fear and terror become challenging and when heightened, it can at times result in panic attacks even.

These are difficult to control and can interfere with our daily activities. Anxiety comes in various forms like social anxiety or social phobia, generalised, or specific anxiety disorders.

How to know if it’s an anxiety attack?

The symptoms are quite common and self diagnosable.

  • Extreme nervousness, stress, and tension
  • Increased heart rate and rapid breathing
  • Trembling and sweatiness
  • Overthinking and trouble sleeping
  • Feeling weak, tired and pessimistic

The symptoms mentioned above don’t confirm that you have an anxiety disorder, but in the case of repeated encounters, you should see your GP as soon as possible.

Seeking therapy and consulting your GP are always the best ways of dealing with your anxiety and managing it. However, there are a few natural remedies that might assist in reducing anxiety to a degree.

Please note that therapeutic treatment is the most effective treatment when managing anxiety.


One of the best ways to control the disorder is through sensory stimuli; under this method, soothing plant oils are used to relieve stress. Here are a few essential oils for anxiety relief but keep in mind, never to use them in an undiluted form and always mix them with carrier oils.


It impacts the limbic system of the brain, and helps relieve stress, put a few drops in your warm bath water, or just put a drop or two around your sleeping pillow.


One can relieve anxiety and stress with essential oil. One of them is chamomile, well known for its sedating properties, the scent of chamomile can calm overthinking and stress.

Just massage a little over your temples or add a few drops to your diffuser, the aroma is gentle and soothing.

Tea and Green tea

Nothing works better than a freshly brewed cup of tea.

The chamomile tea or the green tea, if consumed at significant intervals, can help and calm the stress and panic also adding some vitamin C to your drinks can help and soothe your systems so add some lime to your tea, and that will brighten up your day.

Having a salad with some broccoli

The green plate is full of calming minerals, especially broccoli is packed with magnesium, and a daily dose of 400mg can make your brain cells work amazingly well without any stress or wreck.

You can always add some superfoods like almonds or sesame seeds to make it even healthier.

This will give you all-day energy to work efficiently without getting tired, don’t forget your daily workouts.

Chocolate not caffeine

Caffeine or carbonated drinks can make anxiety worse as they are instant mood shifters. That soda can give you headaches and restlessness rather than calming your nerves.

Better options are dark chocolates that can improve your blood pressure an can increase the blood flow to the brain, so tick it right in your list.

Avocados and oats

Packed with vitamin B and fibre, these two can help manage your blood sugar levels and prevent anxiety by controlling the mood swings. Oats increase serotonin production, which can help with lifting your mood.

Meditate and stay hydrated

Meditation removes chaotic thoughts and replaces them with thoughtfulness and calm while waiting. Hydrated keep our body cool and mind active.

Besides these, writing and journaling as well as taking morning strolls can also help with managing your physical and mental state, a good sleeping schedule and a proper diet can help with keeping the body calm and stress-free.

When to worry?

Listen to your head and heart. If things don’t feel okay, then seek medical help, here are a few triggers that may indicate that you need to see a doctor.

  • If the stress and anxiety is interfering with your work and relationships
  • If you have drug and alcohol issues along with anxiety disorders
  • If you’re feeling suicidal and unfortunate and depressed

There are several ways to control the impacts of this over your life; the majority of them need consistency, participation, and activeness. The more you’ll distract yourself from the negative thoughts and care for your well being, the better are the chances that it will start disappearing.

Please remember that the natural remedies discussed here are not “cures” to anxiety and that therapy and seeking the advice from your GP are the most important steps to take when treating anxiety. The remedies discussed here might help to some degree, however.

Author Bio:

Henna is a proficient writer who firmly believes in the age-old remedies and holistic medicine as a primary cure for several diseases. After graduating she embarked on a journey to find the truth about holistic and natural remedies.




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